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In what year did you graduate optometry school? *

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What ophthalmic lens company product do you prescribe the most? *

What % of your patients wear Transitions or photochromic lenses? *

Who in your office makes the decision as to which lens brands you are allowed to prescribe to patients? *

Does your practice sell eyewear online? *

Do you utilize Think About Your Eyes as a resource for your patients? *

What is the most important factor you consider when prescribing a particular lens from a lens manufacturer? *

What is the most common complaint you receive regarding AR coating? *

In which area do you feel your staff needs the most training? *

Have you heard of the staff training program by Essilor called ECP University ( *

How well do you know the different types of progressive lens products that Essilor makes? *

How important would you say blue light blocking technology is to you and your practice? *

How important is ABO certification or state licensing to you in your selection of optical staff? *

On a monthly basis, how many hours does your practice devote to staff training and growth?

Who is responsible for conducting staff training at your practice? *

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